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“Take Control of Your Pain”

Introducing The Strengthenings Program, A New Approach to Pain Management

Strengthenings- A natural based program designed to help reduce and alleviate pain consisting of Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Manipulation, and Corrective Exercise, a potent antidote against pain. Sessions are crafted daily around each client’s symptoms to find the root of cause which leads to the effect of pain


David L. Smith is the founder and creator of the Strengthenings Program and he is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the best possible treatment. Smith is licensed and highly skilled in clinical therapeutic treatment and is soon to become one of the most renowned Massage Therapist servicing the Gulf Coast. With proven results David Smith and his team at Serene Strengthenings are now accepting new clients.

“Our goal is to restore physical alignment and to address the aches and pains affecting your work-life balance.” – David L. Smith

If you are suffering from back pain, neck stiffness, muscle tension, headaches, anxiety and stress owing to work related personal injuries and chronic constraints, our natural approach to achieving wellness can assist in providing lasting relief. Not only do we introduce techniques to overcome limitations but introduce alternative therapies and self-help programs to strengthen the physical system and promote alignment against future damages .

Do I need a Deep Tissue Massage?

Therapy supports healing after injuries, post surgery and daily constraints in the workplace impacting your health and alignment. Deep tissue massages promote relaxation and release tension. Consult with a certified therapist to learn of appropriate treatment.

Trust the services provided by certified staff including a mobile massage therapist, to deliver effective wellness techniques.

Learn more about our services including the types of massage available for your needs and how our distinctive, natural wellness approach can help you live your best life.

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