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We are a professional clinical therapy service with an interest in assisting all patients in improving and restoring their function in the work environment and their daily lives. Our professional team is knowledgeable in natural technique and the methods needed to help clients regain their full range of mobility, minimize pain and address the cause for symptoms.

Serene Strengthenings is led by David, a licensed massage therapist for the last 2 years. With a background in work acquired injuries., David specializes in massage as a natural approach to facilitating well-being and encouraging healing.

Living in Pensacola FL, the office is located out of the Gulf Breeze FL. Extended hours are available for clients seeking alternative care. David is a mobile massage therapist offering assistance to persons without transportation. Operating hours are from 8am to 8pm unless otherwise specified.

Areas of specialization include work personal injuries. Serene Strengthenings is a natural and supportive service with a difference. We provide alternative therapy for those suffering from migraines, headaches, anxiety, stress, neck pain, back ache and problems associated with workplace activities and duties. Every program has a natural basis to address client interests and strengthen the body against future damages and limitations.

We believe that massage is a powerful technique that serves to support and heal a variety of injuries and bodily imbalances. It not only provides physical benefits but also mental clarity through relaxation and awareness.

Massage can benefit everyone regardless of age or race or general background. We believe the kneading, stretching and manipulative methods are best at improving well-being without reliance on harsh and addictive prescription medication.

David believes in the efficacy of natural practice and individualized healthcare solutions to encourage recovery and internal balance. Techniques are fully customized in support of patients based on expertise and extensive experience in massage.

The natural therapies are provided for full function of all patients seeking lasting relief. We believe that prescriptions are temporary and cannot get to the root of the problem. With experienced staff and leadership delivered by a fully licensed massage therapist. Every massage is medically performed with the purpose of alleviating limiting symptoms. We provide sound healthcare solutions based on the individual needs of patients.

Costs and Services

To discuss available services and specific pricing, please contact us. We can provide custom solutions and individualized price plans to suit your needs.

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